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Velux Repairs

Velux window repairs in Stourbridge and surrounding areas

Can Velux windows be repaired?

A common misconception you may have heard from other window companies is that "the parts are not available anymore" when discussing Velux window repairs. You may then worry about having to pay extra for a brand new set of windows.

The truth is that repairs are actually possible the majority of the tim. As trusted and fully accredited Velux window professionals we'll give you honest and trust-worthy advice on what we can do for you including a fair cost estimate.


Your Velux Repairer 

Free quotations - we'll quote accurately and fairly for all repair work

Full repair service - from basic repairs to the more involved we can help

Authentic parts - we'll use only Authentic Velux parts where appropriate

Experience - benefit from our many years' expertise

Trust-worthy advice - we'll advise you honestly if repairs are possible or not

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A professional, affordable service

As fully fledged Velux window repair professionals with the highest level possible Velux Certified window installer's accreditation and many years' experience, we know what level of repair needs to be done.

Have older styled windows? We can find help from other sources. As far back as 1968, Velux created a standard coding system which means we are able to identify your specfic windows dating back to the late 70s, and we will endeavour to obtain the correct parts and accessories. 

The range of repairs that we do included, but are not limited to:

  • re-glazing (On older windows, we will follow up-to-date insulation guide-lines and fit a different glass type )
  • re-flashing
  • fitting new gaskets
  • and many more.

In some cases, the cost of repairing the Velux may be more of a cost risk over receiving new windows.  Rest assured that we'd not put our sterling reputation in Birmingham at risk by pushing a new window installation if repairs are possible and make sense financially.

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